No News is Good News?

June 9, 2015

Ok so several months, possibly a years worth of them, have transpired since our (my) last update.  Certainly many things have happened here at Fly’s Eye HQ in the past year.  Just take my (our) word for it.  Even though no updates have been reported here, we (I) try and at least post new videos as they are completed.  After all, it’s the fruits of my (our) labors that folks care about most.  Right?  Right?  But here we (I) are (am), another year passed with no news posts.  I (we) would promise to get better about it, but let’s stop kidding ourselves.  We (I) had to dig through my (our) gmail archives for 10 minutes just to find the log-in info for this site.

In other news, Do I Sound Gay, the feature doc that I (I) DP’d is getting its theatrical release this summer.  Starting in July at IFC in NYC..and other cities around the country.  Check here for more info: